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CJW AnySearch Plus Safari Extension

Thursday May 21 2015: Dirk Lampe

Another browserextension for safari that make your developers live more easily ... at least, if you use own TLDs.


eZ Publish 4 vs. eZ Publish 5 Benchmark

Thursday December 20 2012: Ekkehard Dörre

We made a short Apache benchmark between the old eZ Publish 4 Version eZ Publish Community Edition 2012/6 and the new eZ Publish 5 Community Edition 2012/11 with full Symfony 2 stack. Important is the relative between both edition.

Both with eZ Demo Site installed with setup wizzard, and it was surprising good.


eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012 in Croatia

Monday October 08 2012: Martin Wilde

As a newbie at JAC Systeme GmbH, which is a member of the CJW Network, I've been allowed to visit the eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012 in Bol, Croatia. By the way the CJW Network is a sponsor of the eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012. There I've visited the »Development Kickoff-Workshop« – simply called BASIC-Track. The eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012 spanned from 05. September 2012 to 08. September 2012.

The goal of the BASIC-Track was to give beginners an understanding of the most important fundamentals and concepts of eZ Publish.

In this blogpost I want to report about the experiences and impressions I could acquire at the eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012. Thereby I'm going to split my report into single days and write something about every single day.

To start off with, I want to thank the Netgen crew and the employees of eZ. They've done everything in there power to let the event pass off like planned. Thank you!


eZPreference and his cache problems

Thursday September 20 2012: Tino Maaß

How works the ezpreference - operator and what cache problems exists?


CJW Network is Sponsoring eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012

Thursday June 14 2012: Ekkehard Dörre

We support PHP, Internet and eZ Publish events regularly. One of them inspired us very much: The eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012, 5th to 8th September 2012 in Croatia.


CJW Mediaconnector Extension

Friday September 07 2012: Jan Meier

CJW Mediaconnector is an eZ Publish extension for file upload and file management on external servers. You can use simple network file systems like FTP or WebDAV or external cloud storage services like Youtube or Slideshare.

Download at projects.ez.no/cjw_mediaconnector


Import big size eZ packages

Tuesday July 24 2012: Tino Maaß

You would like to import a big eZ package ( > 32MB ), but eZ say's no?


CJW eZ Debug Toolbar für Safari

Tuesday May 15 2012: Dirk Lampe

Eine Browserextension für Safari die die Arbeit bei Entwicklungs- und Testprozessen mit eZ Publish und Co etwas leichter macht.


User Segmentation

Wednesday May 02 2012: Ekkehard Dörre

Subscribers of a newsletter list in CJW Newsletter can be reached very good. But if you need a more detailed segmentation in this target group or if you want to contact all subscribers in multiple subscriber lists with special characteristics, then you'll enjoy the user segmentation feature in CJW Newsletter.


Mobile Browser Detection – a ridiculously simple approach

Wednesday March 28 2012: Donat Fritschy

Is browser sniffing the only viable approach for mobile device detection?

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