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CJW Network is Sponsoring eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012

Thursday June 14 2012: Ekkehard Dörre

Zlatni rat (Golden Horn), Brač, Croatia, Photo: Szabolcs Emich (Licenze CC BY 2.0)

We support PHP, Internet and eZ Publish events regularly. One of them inspired us very much: The eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012, 5th to 8th September 2012 in Croatia.

Our Colleagues from Netgen picked out Brač in croatia, an island near by Splt with the Zlatni rat beach (golden horn). The images look very alluring.

The speaker list and some of the well known attendees will make this event the leading eZ Publish developer activity in 2012.

We are looking forward to this event, the exchange and discussions and the Adria and we will bring the next Version 2.0 of our CJW Newsletters with user segmentation and many more features. Just one more word: #YOHOHO.

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