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Wednesday May 02 2012: Ekkehard Dörre

CJW Newsletter User Segmentation / Zielgruppenunterscheidung

Subscribers of a newsletter list in CJW Newsletter can be reached very good. But if you need a more detailed segmentation in this target group or if you want to contact all subscribers in multiple subscriber lists with special characteristics, then you'll enjoy the user segmentation feature in CJW Newsletter.

Three possible use cases for more detailed target group segmentation in newsletters:

  1. Visitors can subscribe to a newsletter list and will get newsletter issues from this subscription. Sometimes it might be useful, to split this into more detailed target groups.
  2. Visitors can register themselves and click the check box of the newsletter list "please keep me informed ...". The tolerance level for newsletter issues is very low there, so you should send only very tailored information
  3. A long time ago a visitor subscribed to a shop newsletter of clicked on the check box "please keep me informed on news and offers ..." but didn't buy anything for a long time, the CRM says. Very special offers are needed.

These use cases converted in target group categories of the newsletter subscribers:

  • Age ( 14-49 years / 50-75 years / more than 75 years)
  • Gender ( female / male )  
  • Postal code ( everything with 2xxxx / everything with 21xxx)
  • Fields of interest (selected IVW examples)
    • car / transportation and mobility
    • entertainment and lifestyle
    • family, spare time and health
    • news
    • travel
    • sport
    • computer, communication and consumer electronics
  • Custom CRM categories
    • last customer purchase x days ago
    • last customer contact without order x days ago
    • last customer contact with order x days ago

You can choose these and many more use case in the administration interface mask for the filter list:

The filter are plug-ins and you can adjust and extend them. You can very easy integrate external systems with new programmed filters. Target group categories can be out of different sources.

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