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Tourismusverband Fischland-Darß-Zingst e.V.

Fischland-Darss-Zingst e.V. Tourism Association

The eZ Publish Content Management System was introduced at the end of 2004 to manage all websites promoting regional and tourism marketing on the Internet.


www.tv-fdz.de ; www.meine-halbinsel.de ; www.tatort-weststrand.de ; www.nationalpark20.de ; www.prahl-liefers.de

Contracting Authority

Fischland-Darss-Zingst e.V. Tourism Association, Löbnitz / Germany


The Fischland-Darss-Zingst e.V. Tourism Association has approximately 130 members. These include the District of North Pomerania, town and cultural administrative bodies, hotels and restaurants, cultural and recreational facilities, other commercial businesses and associations and also travel agents and private accommodation agencies.

The purpose of the Association is to:

  • promote tourism in the region and develop it in a socially and environmentally sustainable way
  • address the basic and serious concerns of its members and represent them appropriately in organisations relating to bathing and tourism
  • carry out the exchange of information and marketing in the region covered by the Association
  • coordinate tourist activities in the area covered by the Association

Initial Position

The Fischland Darss Zingst tourism area provides a comprehensive information portal for visitors. As well as practical information about overnight accommodation and leisure opportunities, potential visitors can experience the charm and beauty of the landscape through impressive photographs.

Up to 2004 the Tourism Association used a static content website with some dynamic sections. Expansion of the website was ad hoc, complicated and time-consuming. There were difficulties in planning a long-term upgrade of the website and therefore it was impossible to calculate the costs involved.


A relaunch of the Tourism Association’s website was required, using a content management system that enabled long-term functionality. The development of a design/layout for the website that reflects the Tourism Association’s superior standards and can be coordinated effectively with a content management system.

The content management system must be able to handle a large amount of varied information about the region and for visitors to the region. Image advertising campaigns need to be quick and easy to implement.

In addition the content management system should have a licence model that is not linked to the number of servers/sites or the number of site editors.


eZ Publish was adopted as the content management system as it best met the stated requirements.

An eZ Publish extension was created so that a directory of accommodation providers could be integrated into the website, enabling thousands of different types of accommodation to be managed in one database.

Geographical information and keywords can be easily applied to all website content (content objects). Users of the website are offered an alternative map-based navigation and contents search.

For improved customer service / customer retention tools were built in that enabled direct marketing (CJW Newsletter) and a community website (My Peninsula).

Various campaigns have been implemented since the launch of the website in 2004. The content management system currently consists of around 50,000 content objects on many different subjects.


  • 2004 Relaunch website auf based on eZ Publish 3.x
  • 2005 Extension / modul map System
  • 2005 Shop system for merchandising
  • 2006 Campaign "Seele Baden - Sinne Salzen" with own website
  • 2007 Relaunch modul map system based on Google Maps
  • 2007 Gastgeberdatenbank / Gastgeberverzeichnis
  • 2008 Upgrade to eZ Publish 4.x
  • 2008 Picture community "My Peninsula"
  • 2008 Campaign "Tatort Westrand" with own website
  • 2009 Einführung CJW Newsletter Solution
  • 2009 Campaign "Prahl Liefers" with own website
  • 2009 Campaign "20 years national park" with own website
  • 2010 Relaunch main website with new layout
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