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CJW Newsletter & eZ Publish Release 4.4

CJW Newsletter is the official Newsletter System of eZ Publish


Quote from ez.no news:

A new Newsletter System for eZ Publish 4.4 is based on the CJW Newsletter extension. The result of a collaboration between CJW, trusted community members, business partners, and eZ, the newsletter application offers a more integrated approach to email-based and internal publishing with eZ Publish. The Newsletter system, to be certified and supported following the 4.4 release, is a prime example of the kinds of vibrant, fruitful collaborations between eZ, partners and community which eZ Systems will continue to foster in future versions !


Emailing with eZ Publish: CJW Newsletter and newsletter management in eZ Publish

The 4.4 release also revamps how email communication is done with eZ Publish. Simultaneous to the release of ez Publish 4.4. the eZ CJW Newsletter is being adopted as the standard method for email publishing on the eZ Publish platform. The solution will be supported and maintained by eZ Publish, while still being actively developed by CJW and rest of the eZ Publish community. The CJW Newsletter system is a prime example of open innovation between eZ Systems and its partner community." (eZSystems 29.09.2010 http://ez.no/eZPublish/New-Release)

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