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eZ Publish Community Sponsor 2010

eZ Community Sponsor

CJW Network is the Community Sponsor of eZ Publish Conference 2010 in Berlin.

Interview from eZ Systems with Felix Woldt (CJW Network - Community Sponsor on eZ Publish Conference 2010 in Berlin)

Please introduce yourself and your company:

I am a passionate software developer and working for years on PHP and eZ Publish projects - mainly joyful. While working as a team we experienced our combined strength and decided to bundle our activities.

CJW Network is a combination of three proven ez Publish partners - coolscreen.de (Hamburg), JAC Systeme GmbH (Rostock / Stralsund) and Webmanufaktur AG (Bern) - with over 40 combined years of experience in the implementation of eZ Publish based projects. We work on projects situated mainly in Germany and Switzerland.

Our strengths lie in the extensive consultation, the architecture and implementation of complex software environments and project management - as well as in the depths of eZ Publish for extensions programming and performance optimization.

An outstanding qualification is the development of software for communication between technical devices and internet portals with sophisticated synchronization logic.

What is your relation to eZ Systems?

As a long-standing business and technology partner for eZ Systems, we have a close bond to the eZ Ecosystem. Since 2001, we consistently use eZ Publish for our CMS projects in order to provide our customers with a sustainable solution.

We are involved in the development of eZ Publish and as active community members constantly contribute to improve the products. Our technical expertise made eZ Systems decide to add our CJW Newsletter solution as certified extension to their Premium portfolio.

What made you decide to sponsor the eZ Conference 2010 in Berlin?

We are strongly connected with the eZ Publish und PHP Community, and the open source idea is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy. We are proud to sponsor the Community Track on an eZ conference which takes place in front of our door and will attract many visitors from our home market.

We also like Berlin as melting pot between East and West.

What will be your main focus at the event?

We will present our recent development – the CJW Newsletter – and our service portfolio for the eZ Community and eZ Partners. Many discussions with potential partners and customers will make our innovation and performance visible.

What do you hope to benefit from this event?

Our network and our performance potential should remain in memory for every conference participant. Of course, we expect a lot of feedback for the newsletter solution in order to make it an even better product.

Finally, we would like to share our knowledge with other partners and collaborate in new projects.


Interview in English on ez.no

eZ Publish Conference Sponsors

Coolscreen.de - internet development, audits and consulting Jac Systeme - software development, support and maintenance Webmanufaktur - alles ausser gewöhnlich eZ Publish Silver Partner